Bithoven Documentation

The Bithoven project is an early-stage blockchain ecosystem that enables users to acquire and monetize high-quality knowledge in Web 3, develop their projects, and attract investments through the platform's infrastructure.
BTH-keys - special non-interchangeable access tokens to the Personal Account of the platform. BTN represents the intellectual property rights of the creators, as well as the right to freely trade, exploit, implement, and use the functions embedded in it with the help of a smart contract.
The principle that Bithoven implements is the use of NFT technology in business. With the help of NFT keys and a well-designed smart contract, we will enhance the security and exclusivity of the project, and access to products will be granted exclusively to true Bithoven community members by "right of ownership". By increasing access security to the platform, we will provide favorable conditions for our users on investment products, give access to the NFT infrastructure, our knowledge base with the "Learn-and-earn" mechanics, as well as provide a convenient wallet for storing NFTs and cryptocurrency with integration into the browser in the future.
You can familiarize yourself with the public offer agreements and privacy policy below:
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